Air Compressor FAQ

Air Compressor FAQ

Air compressors grades

Residential/Light duty

Residential -grade air compressors are made for smaller air needs around the house such as, to inflate tires, beach toys, sports balls and rafts, blow cleaning, air brushing and light duty nailing and stapling then this is the right grade for you.


Contractor/Medium duty

Contractor-grade air compressors are designed and built for the professional job-contractor on a job site. These compressors are typically portable, either a hand-held, or placed on a wheeled cart attached to a vehicle. The primary purposes are for the use of power nail-guns and roadside repair tools. 



Commercial-grade air compressors are for your everyday heavy-duty services and are usually found in auto body shops, manufacturing facilities, agricultural applications, and for extreme applications such as powering roller coasters and machinery on oil rigs. These compressors normally feature the most advanced technology and superior performance.